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Around the Center of the Sky

Around the Center of the Sky1
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Anticipation of the incredible oblivion
Rhapsody of harmonic improvisation
Ornate clouds of gold and silver afloat
Umlauts colliding vibrations in a moat
Naked wind clattering the leaves of old trees
Dancing whirlwinds of sunshine and moonbeams

There arises a hot pocket of molecules
Happily seeking other elemental fuels
Enticing the cold to dip towards the earth

Congruently haphazard seeking a quiet hearth
Engendering moisture to store for a later rain
Naive enough to expect the species of the insane
To prepare for and gather up a creation of life force
Excitement candid and simple as it runs its course
Rivers of unformed matter catch the thoughts formed

Off the vibrations of the radio waves of matter born
From the abyss of nothingness into chaos

To join the order of the circle of the perfect sphere
Hieroglyphic learning absorbed through to peer
Echos into the space between all that is and will ever be

Sibyl of a future yet to be written and read freely
Known by all Genesis' that acknowledges the keeper
Yearning for the energy of free thinking deeper

Author's Note:
1. umlauts in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.: Umlaut may refer to:. Language and writing.
Umlaut (linguistics), a sound change where a vowel was modified to conform more closely to the
vowel in the next syllable; in particular
2. Sibyl Define Sibyl at
Sibyl definition, any of certain women of antiquity reputed to possess powers of prophecy or divination.


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