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Because I Can

Because I Can
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I write to escape

I write to hate
I write to love
I write because…

I can finally release
With diabolical ease
The angst I feel
The anger to steal

Their madness to justify
Their reasons as to why
The world spins on promises
Made to break on the premises

Of dishonorable infidelity
Delivered with insane cruelty.

I paint the picture between the lines
Of the not so pretty twisted minds
From the powers that be
As they say, but know we

Are not free, but captured
By their false rapture
Of the omnipotent divine
Whose existence is to define

Unquestioned dogma and lies
Of a history that defies
A future that does not exist
For it is futile to resist

The dangling carrot of reward
To the almighty dollar's sword.


I write to defend
A people and lend
My voice to the calamity
Surviving the cold city

Built on the blood of many
Killed by the epiphany
Of power, upon sacred ground
Silencing forever the sound

Of laughter and the scream of reason
Quiet now is the clamorous of season
As the joy of living is cut off
And the hard truth has gone soft.

The sound of silence is deafening
For voices in song no longer sing.

I write because I can.

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