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Capacity for lasting and resilience

Intellectually receiving ideas to ponder

Reasoning a conclusion or determination

Casting of thoughts and feelings

Liveliness in vivacity that cycle

Entering animation in vital principle

Slowly returning to start again, after an end.

Courageous enough to split the atom

Interrogating the results of our reasons

Reverberating throughout history

Circles, upon circles, upon circles…

Linear thinking forgets to go around

Especially when filled with greedy disillusionment

Spirit in pure energy will prevail.

Circles of season of birth, of life, of death;

Into, through and from

Receiving ideas to process along the way

Continuing, congruently, concluding that our mind

Leaves resin of life behind; a’ fore and aft’

Energy in light, temperature and substance

Singing in three part harmony, await our time to cycle…

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