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A Rhyme for Liz
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A Rhyme for Liz

Dedicated to my younger sister

Since my coming home
Not so long ago
You, whom all my life I’ve known
Surprised me with what I did not know

That it hurts your heart
When I, wrapped in my rat race
Not finding end or start
Forget a promise that I’ve made

To call or write on a certain day
Yet, my thoughts are of you anyway

Though you always remain
Within my hearts sight
Time and enemy; are one in the same
And I always lose that fight

No matter how I multi-task
Or try to prioritize
My needs seem to come in last
Before I even realize

That the day has become a week
Has gone by like a song
And as I for my time; continually seek
The nights and days grow very long

But I have NEVER forgotten you
And what you mean to me
Though I’ve made you blue
When my time ’tis not free

I love you unconditionally
No matter what you are
Its how you continually
Give love to me near or far

Your compassion comforts me so
‘Tis sincere above and below

I admire you and am proud to know
For you my confident, are a special soul.
Even if you were not my sister
We are kindred and linked together

Our paths have crossed and joined in many lives before
And they will again; for many times more
Before the time has come, as the Goddess knows
Becomes the gathering of the ancient souls

Believe in yourself; my dearest friend
Believe in love; ‘tis yours in the end
Self love is the next to best
To unconditional within thy nest

I came home to find
A certain peace of mind
If the reason for none other
Then for us to spend this summer

To explore into each of one
To know our depth and what’s to come.

An understanding of each of us
A new level of the incubus
She be yours and mine
An inner demon we defeat in time.

And so to you I will and do daily send
Brightest Blessings without end
Little Sister; and my dearest friend,

May ye always Walk and Live in Love and Light!
For to you; this poetry I write.
All will be good, with you and I tight
A force reckoned with; when combined in might.

“I’ll like you for always,
I’ll love you forever.
As long as I’m living
My sister and best friend
you will always be”

I love you, sis.


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