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Dedicated to Professor A. Charles Roger

Dedicated to Professor A. Charles Roger1
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I miss your spirit and unrelenting energy
Among the halls in our place of poetry.
I read your words that tantalize the soul
The pages it turns, it rocks, it rolls.
I miss your prolific words of charm
Your floriferous way to bring respect, not harm.
I read your words that seem to say,
“I’ll always be here” as they display
your love of life and wonder at it all.
Professor, I miss your stories so tall.
You’ll always have a place in this heart of mine
Your words will always ring true and still shine.
Though I tried very hard to find you,
I was unable to locate even a clue ...
As to where you disappeared to and out of my reach.
I miss you Professor, and the lessons you teach.

I miss you Professor.

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