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Deeply Dwell
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Help me find what is real, if you can

Entering fourth – dimensions of man

Loving light to guide my way

Lightning blue upon me lay

O'er levels of time

                 in all rainbows shine


Determination is what I need!

A literal beacon; what I seek.

Render me light as a feather

Knowledge emitting of the letter.

Nocturnal; I await thee, thy call

Ever resounding resilient fall;

Senses FIVE are filled with emotion

Sense of the SIXTH is a brilliant ocean.


Manners, honor, ethics, these are mine

Yet I wonder at times; how to align


Oct-angle degrees bind with right angles

Latitude and longitude are then strangled

Decisions are life changing to commit


Freedom and Liberty—they revisit

Rounded corners in the end

Into, through and out again.

Exquisite in every sense of the term

Needing only to see the filled page turn

Deep within the Silence I Dwell...


4)"Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again."

Deeply Dwell

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