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Delight of the Great Rite

Great Rite
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Happy and prancing is He
Anticipating His only need.

Exploring depths meant for Him
Tantalized, the dancing begins.

Closed and unaware is She
Then a smile begins to crease ...

Her sweetness becoming quite moist
Impatiently awaiting the hoist,

Of the sailing love within
To become one with Him.

Immeasurable are the heights
Of divine pleasure, The Great Rite.

Intense and earth shattering
As only that which is meant to be.

A level of subconscious reckoning,
As the Spirits of She and He ...

As He and She
Become the We.

Are finally free ...

To feel with abandon
Lost in the emotion

Of a moment in time.
As One they shine.

Many are the lives ...


in the

Great Rite!

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