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Dragon Spell

Dragon Spell
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On wings of thunder, honor bound,
Search me out as I drum the sound.
Twist and turn in the night,
Dragon come as guiding light.
Protector and guardian; friend not foe,
Come to me see my given sigil glow.
Strong and true this friendship charm,
I beckon thee protect me from harm.
Around and about my magick swirls,
Come to me your wings unfurled.

Welcome ‘o guardian of
MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue

So Mote It Be!

In shadows, evil and hatred hide
Ready to draw me from love’s side
With your help I shall be strong
And banish all that will do me wrong
Send them away
Send them astray
Never again to pass my way

So I will it!


So it shall be!

So mote it be!

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