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Fate It Clouds

Fate It Clouds
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Sometimes I wonder at this world in darkness now.
This race called homo sapiens whose fate it clouds.
Let us believe that we are so right
that to hate is what we ignite.

"Let us spread the word of Jesus,
by spilling blood all around us;
of any and all who oppose or resist.
Let us kill all that accept the mist."

Hatred is a behavior learned,
like it's opposite of lust it burns.
It is damaging and detrimental to the soul.
How can ye have honor with what ye uphold?

The beating of another's spirit is not glamorous,
or funny or something of which to be proud.
It is base, inhumane, and completely unacceptable
no matter who ye think might be calling this round.

Don't pat thyself too loudly on the back
for with contempt ye have inspired the wrath
of a loving universe gone global with chaos
to create change and in the aftermath...

Heal our planet will and rid herself of thee
who call thyself the keeper of the coventry.
Ye tamper with a spirit of what once was free.
Ye will pay the price; this ye will live to see...

Ye depend upon her abundance to provide
ye with what it takes to survive.
Long after thy filth hath starved and died,
life will find a way to revive.

Look to the highest peak of snow
hot and high above, yet cold below.
Remember from whence ye came,
for ye shall return by same.

So 'tis the message of a Dragon of Cobalt Blue...
insisting that I MoonChild deliver this unto you.
One possibility of a future is writ to be
if we continue to destroy what is ours as we.



Author's Note: A little cryptic for a Wednesday morning in the summer of 2006. My muse picks her times to talk most graciously. Once again her message, as always, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! IN LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS or fodder we will all become. Extinct as the dinosaur and the several other species we have chose to annihilate.

by Maylynn Hughes as MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue
Phoenix, Az 85283 - The Full Moon in Aquarius
July 12, 2006

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