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History Lesson of the Future

History Lesson of the Future
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For the notoriety, fortune and fame;
They competed to win a lose-lose game.
Ineffective but leaving a lame
legacy of disgrace and shame.

Always another was to blame,
For their actions were insane.
Responsibilities too tame,
As in multitudes they came.

Surrounded by a golden frame.
Without substance they became;
Selfish, greedy hordes to lay claim
all they touched including their dame.

Found disintegrated in fire and flame.
Did this species have a name?

Author's Note: This was for a challenge with rhyming words to use in a poem or short story. The genre did not come to mind until I started to write the definitions of the rhyming words. Then this pen just flowed onto the paper. Their name is not real hard to discern.

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