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In Universal Consciousness

Tomorrow ye will see thyself
Reflections of life upon a shelf.

Through diverse dimensions and planes
Directionless energy ye remain.

Until ye fill thy empty soul
With unconditional love ye know.

Deny thyself the laws of scarcity
Empty, they intensify incongruently.

Abundance is thy only direction
Lending itself to thy addiction.

Of controlling another soul in time
So strip thyself of this darkest mime.

Find thy inner light of blue
Flow inward, outward, through.

That leads thee to the middle road
Of extremities as they unfold.

The future will be thine own to hold
Ye gain wisdom; soul grows old.

Release thyself from lustful hate
Allow thyself to reach the gate.

Cross the threshold of the divine
Accept thine own grail of wine.

Allow thyself to explore
Infinite memories ye store.

Upon passing into the next realm
As once more ye are at the helm.

For ye are not of the once born
But live again beyond the storm…

In Universal Consciousness

Author's Note: Published March 2007 - Art With Words
Poetry Quarterly Publication - Interactive Writing Journal

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