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Inner Teachings

Inner Teachings
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Over the years I have found…
My home, myself - deep inside
Where there is no sound.

My inner friend
Though we toil,
We share an inspiration
No conflict can soil.

She reminds me of emotions
That I hold close to heart and dear.
I remind her of all the thoughts
And new ideas we must never fear.

Though we are intertwined-
A part of one whole.
We are separate voices,
And each reaps what we sow.

I, outreaching seeking compassion
And friendship for my soul!
She is inner searching; reaching
for answers we both must know.

Our serenity must be synchronized--
To find the peace and quiet strength
We both need, when we arise.

Our sensuality - though it be in tune-
My sensual side is timed with the moon.
Her desire is of soft, fantasy romance...
Together we aspire to our most precious dance!

For over the years
We have found…
Our home - our selves
Deep inside...
Where there is no sound.

Dedicated to my "Inner Child" who has always deserved a poem and whom I have finally befriended and can now write the words.

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