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Club Chameleon

CAUTION:    XXX Very Graphic Erotica

Passions Promise was intensely excited about the night’s plans with her kinky new lover that satisfied her hunger like no other. He was going to take her to the swinger’s club called “The Chameleon” as he was a member, and single men were admitted for half price on Friday nights. He promised she would beg for more of what he had in store for her.

She filled her bath, adding scented oil crystals to splash upon her luscious form of milky skin noticing how erect her nipples were and how sensitive her clit. She put on a favorite CD of Dave Matthews Band, poured wine into a glass, and lit a candle of lavender to relax her inner tension so that when they ‘got it on’ tonight she would be lubricated but quite tight.

As she pulled the plug to drain the tub, she flicked her erect clit, cumming almost instantly, and crying out, her voice deep and sultry. She pulled on new stockings that ended three inches above her knee, her garter was purple lace with a little leather designed to key in on her pleasure spot, to lightly tease and stimulate--making her wet and steaming hot. She reached into her nightstand pulling forth a pyramid shaped plug, lubed it up and immediately pushed it up her butt. She squirmed into her panties, which were soaked, as over her body she draped her silk skirt, sheer blouse and cloak.

Make-up was applied with care, as were her tasteful jewels, and when complete she was enticingly edible, delightfully fuckable through and through. He rang the bell with punctual timing right as the clock struck eight, as she opened the door she did not hesitate, to rub up against his hardness that sang with a voice and smile, straining to escape its closed confinement with a dancing style. He grabbed her buttocks and pulled her into him as he kissed her red inviting lips, licking down her neck he went and then kissed between her welcoming tits.

He then pulled a blindfold from his pocket and wrapped it about her head, then led her to the elevator and the limousine that awaited them. On the short ride to the club, he teased and licked, nibbling lips without penetration, enjoying how hot and utterly wet she was with anticipation. Upon arrival he walked her through the lobby to the voyeur grope chamber, picking her up he then with silken rope secured her feet and hands, to a round pedestal bed as he slowly stripped off her skirt and with his teeth pulled off her panties to land, beside her as he spread her open wide. Her scent drove him wild as he released his straining cock and shoved it in her cunt, all the way to start her hungry ride.

He gently placed warming oil on every erogenous curve he could find, and picked three men in the room that were beginning to form a line, to watch this beautiful nymph cum a river, from all the rock hard cock she could handle as they watched her take it all like a champ without a whimper. She felt four pairs of hands touch her, and so many tongues she could not count, darting here and there until she arched her back to lift her sex as one began to eat her out. She felt the pressure building as her lover worked her plug, in and out of her now very loose, lubricated butt. He used her own juices to work her back door into a flowing cave of mist, she eagerly opened her mouth as a very large cock pressed against her lips.

Without further ado, her lover withdrew and number two pushed inside as her pussy stretched to accept his width, while a third slid beneath her to shove a throbbing 9 inch pole up her ass, without hesitation, every fucking inch. No muss, no fuss, was spared as they furiously fucked her hard and fast, for she was dripping cum in a continuous stream, flowing out her cunt. Two more humungous cocks found her, battering both her holes, hard and long as she gagged on cock that pushed its way down her throat.

She came again when a meaty prick slapped her face a couple times with a grunt, then swallowed another down again after letting go a rebel yell of lust as pain and pleasure filled her ass and cunt. A cock then found its way between her tits, as many fingers gave her nipples a vicious twist, while pulsating dick thrust up, hitting her chin and shoved between her eager lips.

The two cocks that massively widened her twat and ass, were then replaced with a slam by two more just as fast, and twice as fat. They fucked both holes simultaneously from the top, the bottom, then from side to side. Taking turns with many others to assail her flesh with extreme, brutal penetration every time. She lost control as two more negotiated, as one in rhythm, both hit bottom of both chambers hard. She was cumming continuously, screaming obscenities of pleasure like a shooting star.

When he knew she’d had enough, he released her from her ropes, gracing her with his special long, slow fuck, in both her holes. He had her taste his prick between his vast, intensive strokes. As he impaled his dancing shaft ball deep, he pinched her erect nipples. She screamed in complete abandonment as orgasm rocked her senses. He removed her blindfold as he gazed into her soul to drown within her eyes, his entire body tenses. He explodes inside her, empties himself ‘til he’s cumming from his toes. She cries “I love it, I crave it and you are a very bad boy and so incredibly delicious!” Her body pressed against him, satiated from butt to cunt, releases the spring of the serpent from her dynamic spirit that he now knew very well.

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