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Graceful Folds

        When she walked around the corner, he was watching her from his
rear view mirror, so that he could time perfectly his stride toward her to hold her face in his hands and gently kiss her soft, sensuous lips.

        Her body always responded to him; for as he kissed her, his eyes wide open, she would mold her body to his.  His cock was always immediately rock hard, as her hands traveled up his buttocks to the small of his back and his hands did the same wander lusting trail.  He could sense her heat, her hunger, her wetness as she fit him like a well-made glove in all ways, physical, spiritual, sexual, intellectual and emotional.

        He opens her car door as she gracefully folds herself into his Porsche.  When he leans forward to secure the seat belt across her, he gets scent of her sex, and it nearly sends him over the edge into lustful abandonment.  He freezes for a split second to gather himself then quickly walks around the car and gets in, his eyes still on her pretty face as her green eyes pierce him with loving lust.  Her smile bright and beautiful; he wonders how she will respond, when he does what he has planned for her.

        As he drives her to his place, she strokes his fingers softly, then she pulls his fingers to her mouth, where she suckles them gently.  His cock begins to strain in his jeans; craving release and the feel of her tight, warm, wet pussy.

        As the thought enters his mind, his hand begins to pull her skirt up to reveal her panty-less sex, and his fingers gently touch the outer lips, he feels them part with slick wetness and swell with aching desire.  This woman he has found would come a thousand times if she came once, over and over again.

        It’s like she never stopped coming at times, but continuously came, wave after wave, on his cock, his balls, and all over his bed.  He smiled at that thought as he wanted her like none other.  Just as she wanted him.  Magickal, was how she described her time with him. 
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