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Hours of Fate


Every day on my way to college I walk past a restaurant called the Texas Lone Star. Now it's sited on an excellent corner location in a very swanky, expensive, touristy part of London (people throw their garbage away in Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue bags); but there are three big padlocks keeping the door shut, and the windows are all painted over (except one that was broken and replaced by a sheet of plywood). Here and there, a hand-size area of paint has been scraped away -if you were inside you could see out, but from the street you can't make out anything of the dark interior through these little gaps.

This is a story about the Texas Lone Star restaurant on Gloucester Road. Why I beleive it is standing empty and unloved in such a fancy area.  Makes a person wonder why nobody has turned it into a Starbucks or Oddbins or yuppie-trap.  And wonder do I about the spy-holes scraped into the paint on the windows. 

This is a story as to why ...

Holed up in a dirty, abandoned restaurant called the Texas Lone Star, on an excellent corner location in a very high class part of London, are the Mother and Father of the Human Race. They had been there for hours - keeping in mind their time is different from the humans - once in a while scraping clean a small spot in the window to view the world of men.

Their debate centered on what to do about the humans, their cruelty, their uncaring selfish way of killing everything in their path, destroying entire eco systems without even so much as a thought. These humans actually caused each other pain and suffering with delight! “They rape, kill and pillage with glee!” commented the Goddess in a sad tone.

“Yes, but what brought them to this base state of existence?” replied God aloud, more to himself than to the Goddess.

“We have been here so long that the world has moved on from where it was when we started this debate, my dear, and still we have not come to a conclusion for their fate,” said the Goddess from across the room. With a distant look in her eyes, she continued, “We have given them every chance to prove they are worthy as caretakers of this great and once abundant earth, that we call home. We have given to them miracles, signs, symbols, dreams, visions and yet they refuse to listen to that inner voice that tells them what path it is that they must follow if they wish to continue as a species.”

“Aye!” said the God. “But they think they are the only intelligent living organisms in the universe. They believe their technology will save them when in actuality it will do naught but destroy them. But their suffering burns my soul as I know it does yours, my Goddess! If we stop the continuation of their species we will suffer with them in ways greater than we ever have before. We are all part of the same consciousness in our universal web of interconnecting light. There must be a way to have them see that light and become one with us again so that we can guide and protect them. By doing so we will protect ourselves from an agony we cannot escape as immortals.”

“Well then,” said the Goddess, “we will need to cause catastrophic disasters and appear before them as we are, in our loudest, most majestic cloak of being for they will not listen to anything else. These humans are only at their best when faced with peril and annihilation. That is the only time they find love in their souls for each other and other life forms. I am still considering how we can keep them in that ‘altered state’ of consciousness so that they do not slide back into their barbaric monstrosities.”

“The ego, the id, was definitely a mistake on my part, Goddess. I believe that is what has reduced our progeny to the intelligence level of a shark circling for the next kill. Free will did not have to include the id, the id being a very tyrannical essence especially if it escapes its constraints of that which overpowers it and only that power can contain and restrain the id from becoming a terrorist of the human soul.”

“Yes, we were warned about this. But it is long past pointing fingers or laying blame, we must bring these humans under reign before they destroy all life in this universe and send us into a chaos we will not correct easily,” the Goddess said to the God as her arms encircled him from behind in a comforting embrace. She spoke again, “We do have the chosen few who have evolved to a higher state of consciousness through us, and we can speak through them. The five dragons of the elements will assist us in this as they were born of chaos and do not want to return to the abyss of nothingness.”

At these last words the God turned around and looked up from his tortured stare through the small opening in the glass he had been looking through and at last there was hope in his eyes. A small tear coursed its way down his cheek as he replied; “Yes! The dragons will help us. And there are still those that believe in the dragons of the elements. We will bring the dragons into our council so that they will again fly through the skies of earth and will provide them with humans of extreme strength and powers of the mind as protectors that will defend them in their weakened state of this planet’s gravity. There is hope after all for this species of mankind. We will cause natural catastrophic disasters in increments of three, until nine total have brought home to us the souls that will bring this new peace into being.”

“The dragons,” replied the Goddess in a voice of caution, “will require a gift from us, but I have been thinking on this, my God. Let us gift the dragons the ability to reproduce. With progeny of their own they will know the depth of our pain and will remain to keep these humans in their altered state of consciousness. This means we must also grant them the ability to die, so that their species does not over populate the earth or we will need to limit the amount of their offspring.”

“What a wonderful idea!” the God exclaimed. God then embraced his Goddess, picking her up off her delicate feet and twirled her around the room for a moment. Laughter rumbled out from his great berth. A giggle escaped her lips as the Goddess replied, “It has been a long time since I have heard that laugh from you. It is one of my most precious gifts that you bear. As we will it, so it will be done then. Let me contact the dragons as you bring to council the gathering blue of evolved souls. Together, as one, we will again feel the deep emotion, the pure joy of being in harmony with the universe!” 

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