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Blue Is

Blue Is
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Blue is serenity
Emotional intensity
Blue is the ocean
Forever in motion

Yet calm
As a newborn fawn
Or the break of dawn

One color of primary
A gift of faery
As are the waters at bay
Wave after wave

As is the rain
Upon life’s train
Blue is the sky
Even when I cry

It is shadows
As it bestows
Sometimes a mood
For thee to elude

Blue is fire
Within the pyre
The soft yellow
Dancing glow

Of the flame
Blue is tame
Even when cold
Found as gold

Blue is hot
Anger and madness
It is not

Blue is Me


Author's Note:  A different paradigm in blue.  This poem won third place in a quarterly publication contest of Art With Words. It was also published in this magazine in July of 2005.

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