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Breath of Living Measures

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Breath of Living Measures
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What ‘tis the Legacy
Thee wish to really leave?
When only thy deeds
Are alive and breathe?

How will ye--
Be known and seen?

Generous and loving or full of greed?
What ‘tis the name ye leave thy prodigy?
Remembered with respect and love that inspired trust?
Or will it be one of control, gold and blood lust?

Ye must decide,
What it will be...

In conflict to collide--
with thine own integrity.
Ye must live it today--
in every loving way.

Paradigms process,
Goddess and God blessed.
Values based on natural laws-
No there is no contract ‘clause’.

Ye take. Ye give.
Ye learn to live...

Responsible for-- and of thine own self,
Deposits in emotional bank accounts.
What ‘tis the Legacy
Thee really wish to leave?

Breath of Living Measures

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