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It’s strange how I almost feel an
exhilaration of freedom since you left,
Leaving me penniless, homeless
Without food to eat, crying bereft.

Just like I’ve done all of my life,
I picked myself up; off I swiped the dust
Realizing I am stronger than you will
ever be in any circumstance of loving lust.

We could have entered the divine
with our love and our passion,
Changing the world with our
combined gifts like an assassin.

You chose instead to play me
Like a well strung guitar,
Ripping a large nova in
My spirit like a dying star.

I will survive!
I will love again!

I will go on
without your pain,
This broken heart disease
Will NOT remain

With this free spirit
Of light and energy;
As light flows into,
through, and from me.

I will always believe in Love;
Especially that of the unconditional.
You are the one who really lost 
as your world folds and spindles

Into a cold, material place without
Magick or love that you understand,
As your heart, soul and spirit miss what
You held, vanished like pieces of sand

Spilling through your fingers.
You have forgotten how to give
Your heart, your soul, your inner-
Self, so that you might learn to live,

In a world of trust,
honor and serenity,
As you claimed all
as your property.

When innately you
Have always realized
You belong to ‘Love’ not
It to you, compromised.

Love can only be
Given and received,
Never taken, stolen or
pained and bereaved.

The choices we make today really do
Limit the opportunities of tomorrow,
For if chosen unwisely, selfishly and
without compassion; we find sorrow.

Fare thee well ~
My Love, Milord.
I will always love thee ~
as my soul poured

From my heart into
Yours, to gently care
Only to be bruised,
Battered and scared.

You could not return my
only request completely
As you were unable to
Love unconditionally.


Thy Lady ~
                                of Gaea DragonBlue

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