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Daily Storm

Daily Storm
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He came to me within a dream...
Daley Storm; a silent scream.

overwhelming presence,
one with my essence.

I felt him nibble at the back of my neck;
Sending shivers as I am wet with the effect!

His warm body covers mine from behind,
As he gently pulls back my hair and finds...

his phallus rubbing my sweet pleasure spot.
Stroking lightning bolts; moaning and so hot!

My breasts are gently cupped by his hands,
Then hard on my nipples he pinches and...

Drives forcfully and fully erect,
Penetrating my inner most depths...

with every loving inch
the bottom of me he hits ...

My cauldron overflows passion,
as he spreads my thighs open.

Hitting me hard at the base of my chambers,
Causing liquid lava to flow over his member...

orgasms so intense...
quantities immense,

As he pulls my hair wrapped in his fist,
Entering my other loving cave of mist.

I quiver with pain and pleasure,
And as I continue to shudder,

His tempo picks up speed!
Carnal love flowing his seed.

as I explode he fills me complete,
as in rhythm our bodies meet.

Our kiss is eternal;
Our love is infernal.

This lusty heat we share,
Aura and essence aware.

Within our dream
a silent scream.

I miss you
my Daley Storm

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