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Dana, Dana, Dana
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For my Aspasia Lorraine

Great Goddess of Mother Earth
I call thee to petition
For your loving assistance
as protector of children
To bring peace and tranquility
Understanding with sweet simplicity
For my innocent Aspasia Lorraine
Whose heart is breaking from life’s rain
Mommy’s alone and
Daddy’s away
I ask thee Dana
for guidance
if I may

For Aspasia to see
my love for her is so pure
Always will my heart be hers
Please help to stay her anger
and dry her tears
So that joy and laughter
can fill her years

'Tis poetic music to my ears

I also feel she needs to know
The bond with Aricia Elizebeth
and she will grow
Her little sister
needs and loves her so
These words I write
these seeds I sow

Help me guide her to perceive
She will forever be a part of me
May she know and feel
the beauty from within
To overcome her sadness
and to begin
To discover her path
and choose the right
To help her to forgive
and sleep at night
Bring to her
sweet dreams of love
butterfly kisses
white morning doves
I beg of thee
restore to her
So she may enjoy
life’s fruitful dance
So precious
a beautiful flower is she…
Take from her soul the pain
set her free

This I humbly ask of thee

For my Aspasia

Blessed Be

By The Power Of Three

So Mote It Be





Inspired by:  Dana - High-Priestess
Her message is, "You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching."

Epic Prose in rhyming verse

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