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Freedom Yells, It Don't Cry

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Freedom Yells, It Don't Cry
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Freedom is what they call having nothing left to lose
rather than face the reality that no one is truly free.
Eternity was not meant for small minds to comprehend and
endings are also beginnings, as the world spins in chaos.
Domains of hell we create by placing humanity on a ball and chain as
otherworld philosophy is ignored with contempt by our inept leader's
mendacious puppeteers, that rock the boat and poke the bear.

Yelling out a freedom's rebel voice to be heard
entering the fourth dimension to come to terms with
little details as well the larger picture that hurts to look at.
Listing all of our imperfections to perfection in an hour of need,
sometimes, we forget that from diversity comes greatness.

Intelligence of humanity is slipping through our fingers like sand
toward the bottom of the hour glass as we dummy up in unison.

Dormant lie the powers to bring us peaceful serenity
only we can activate them before they dissipate into
naught; and we topple from imbalance and insincerity
towards the abyss of the darkest, coldest place in history.

Cry, FREEDOM, cry! Let our voices be heard from peak to valley,
reaching the chasms of the earth and space beyond our galaxy.
Yester year paints our future as we die for the deeds of our fathers.

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