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Homeless Again

Homeless Again
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My feet and legs are sore from walking for miles.
My thoughts are scattered as I wander all the while.
From lack of food to eat, my hands are shaky.
Throat rough and mouth stale from being thirsty.
My reflection is repulsive to myself, shivering and silent.
My own aroma is ripe as I try to steady myself while bent
over the sharp edge of homelessness in shallow reality.
Walking the squares of many miles trying to find divinity.
Maybe tomorrow will have hope,
But then again, maybe it won't.
Guess I'll sit upon the smooth, cold sidewalk to rest.
Guess not; cop just came screeching to a halt to contest.
Ordering me to remove myself from the robust and prosperous,
or I will be arrested for loitering as I look very suspicious.
"Yes Sir!" I proclaim as I struggle to gain my feet,
then to my dismay I faint and fall to the ground in defeat.
I awake to profanity resonant and resounding in my ears,
I have now broken the law as he handcuffs me in tears.

Tossing me into his car like a piece of meat
my wrists start to bleed and once again I am beat.
Hopefully to death this time to end it all
as starving slowly is a torturously tall
price to pay for being labeled worthless by society.
As I refused to be slave in marriage and my spirituality
did not include their religious beliefs and fervor,
nor did I capitulate to dummy-up as their server.

Homeless again.


Used from word bank: sore, scattered, shaky, rough, stale, repulsive, shivering, silent, ripe, steady, sharp, shallow, squares, smooth, screeching, resonant, robust, slow(ly)

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