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In Loving Memory for My Friend; Professor A. Charles Roger

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In Loving Memory
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As I slowly turn through the many posts he left behind
In our halls of poetry; laughter, tears, intelligent mind.
I find his presence in every room, on every thread,
Pages and pages of his spirit come alive in my head.

He knew how to inspire us all as teacher was his calling,
I loved to hear each and every floriferous word critiquing.
Though I know he reached many more and taught them too
He was patient and gentle while teaching me, DragonBlue.

I often thought of him as the father I always wanted but never had
With his quick wit and clever mind, I was proud to call him Dad.

He knew how to turn my ugly frown
All the way over, and upside down.

One in our group thought to offend him once with bad taste,
I hesitated not a moment to put that one quickly in his place.
Professor was so surprised that I would defend his honor with pride
I won his life-long respect and loyalty that day, but coveted no prize.

I would defend his integrity to my death, biting teeth and scratching nails
To me he was one of the last White Knights, as a gentleman he never failed.

We began our friendship in the year 2004, it was a rainy spring,
Trading secrets that none could know and never will we sing.
He read my poetry to me as I had heard it being written
All the nuances of the archaic language, true as I listened.

He could make lunch on the patio sound like a parade.
He could bring tears to your eyes as his words betrayed
His very deep compassion for all of humanity,
He had such a passion for love, honor and sincerity.

Yes -I will miss him more than I can ever say here,
Memories of conversations between us I hold very dear.
He remains close to my own heart, spirit and soul,
That he called me friend, I am delighted to know.

He touched many a life and mine own so deeply with his essence,
That in our hearts will forever rest his bright and resilient presence.

I will always love and miss you
I bow to you, Namaste.
From my heart to yours,
Your DragonBlue

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