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In Unconditional Acceptance



Oh beautiful for
Spacious skies
And amber waves
Of grain.

The blood we let,
The destruction
We lay waste
In pain.

Stain our honor
And integrity,
Insult intelligence
And humanity.

Rights and people no
Longer their concern,
Just oil, money and
Power as souls they burn.

Our books are
Next on the list
As they shake that
Extreme right fist.

Then next our pocket
Books they'll pillage
As we drop a bomb
On defenseless village.

Throw down your guns
And false icons
And pray that Jesus,
Your side he's on.

Hold those responsible
In contempt
Forgive as humans,
But never forget!

Not only impeach
But incarcerate
Those who do treason
In the name of hate.

Do not worship that All Mighty
Dollar and the values it deploys
Remember the truth and eyes of
Justice, rights for simple joys.

We are not great
When terror is our tool
Love could be conqueror
Instead of the fool.

By the Tarot
The Fool equals zero
By laws of
Decency a hero.

Our inalienable rights
Are not just words on paper
Agree the people on this
Planet without the rapier.

Let go prejudice, bigotry,
Condemnation a false façade
Drop the curtain people,
Before all is waste inlaid.

Say NO to terror.
Say YES to fairer.

In unconditional acceptance ...

In Unconditional Acceptance
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