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Journeys - Step #7 - The Lovers

Journeys Step 7
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Key of VI
Burning Need







As they sat in front of the fire
watching the dance of life,
He reached for her inner thigh ...

She felt
The familiar hunger rising inside her,
But there was an added element that was new to her.

She discovered a love deeper than the oceans
a chill of anticipation higher than any mountain.

Arousal, enjoyment, fulfillment were known to her,
Holding herself against him,
She experienced something deep and instinctive.

In the abyss of her sensuality she feels his touch
not just with fingers and flesh but with spirit
and a soul of great depth.

It was difficult for her to define it to herself,
Consumed as she was by it.
It was not his scent or his masculinity.

It was his glove-like fit to everything
about, within and without
her to him and him to her.

Sounds escaped their lips
of complete awe in satiated
thirst of their one essence.

co-author the shaman  ---  DragonBlue is the bold text,

The Shaman italic text. 

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