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Keltoi Warrior

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Keltoi Warrior
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Kinetics linking to the medicine wheel to balance within
Every correlation of color and number of each direction.
Learning that these colors are different yet somehow remain
Tied in comprehension with my own life path still the same.
Opening any circle to dwell within its depths and center
Inspires communications with the divine in a spiritual cantor.

Wheel and will are tied inexplicably intertwined
Archaic and modern all have correspondence in time
Red symbolizes Excalibur, Fire, Courage; Strength though is to my south
Rendered to the south, white is for peace; Abundance is what summer’s about
In the west there is black for death; as I see blue for birth to renew in oceans deep
Onto the north is blue for cold or ice; I see green and all that retains earth’s keep.
Reincarnation of the colors, the memories, the symbols remain the same.


I found this so intriguing. Symbolism remains universal, for though our cardinal direction colors are different; their meaning is the same in a very elemental connection. The Celtic peoples also found that four was a sacred number for the 4 season and the four elements. As is eight for the four seasonal betwixt and between times to commune with the divine. Seven is also a power number representing the four base elements, the fifth element of spirit, (represented by the sacred fire of Cherokee), and the Goddess and the God.

I wonder if the Cherokee held sacred the number 3 and 9. The Celtic peoples hold three sacred for the trilogy of the three aspects of all life; birth, life death. In addition, 9 for 3 multiplied upon itself as well as the six directions, the fifth element and the Goddess and the God. What amazes me the most is the correlation to numbers, as I have always believed that the universe is created by numbers, everything is a mathematical equation in finite math, trigonometry and algebra.

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