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June 3, 2005

June 3, 2004
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My Dearest Aspasia & Aricia,

Every corner I turn,
Every new thing I learn...

I sense--
Your presence,
Your essence.

Every day that passes by ~
my heart and spirit cry...

Knowing that you are so close-
and yet so far away...

I see your eyes the most;
dismal for missed yesterdays.

Your hugs and kisses I long to feel--
my dreams of you are so very real!

My tears a mist,
from my eyes they pour.

As I send you a kiss,
from my heart to yours.

In my life you are truly missed!
but I love you so much more!


Author's Note:  This letter was written to my two precious flowers (my daughters) when their father had an attorney and I did not and he took them away from me and I could not find them for 468 days. You never really know how much love your capable of, until you lose what you love most.

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