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Legacy of Humanity

Legacy of Humanity
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Sometimes I think the answer is vote for none of the above,
To do so everyone who votes would need to throw in the glove.
The chances of that happening; zero in this democratic game,
Republicans have done their job of painting democrats as lame.

They have paid the insane Wright
Saddled up the extreme right,
As all the believers stand behind them and smile
Holding a bomb between their hands all the while …

Maniacal excitement oozing out spittle from oblivion to mouth,
Spewing forth their self-righteous indignation to control the south,
Where education is not a priority, ignorance will always take a hold,
Making sure no one who enters leaves with more than their empty cold

Sinister laws that suit themselves and destroy what democracy once was.
In the name of the all mighty dollar and God in leagues with them because
The money, the power, is the sheer zealot’s scream of condemnation,
Proves they are right, no matter what it costs our once civilized nation.

What should we do to pull out of a race by the monkey-minds of men?
To divide and conquer any hopes we might have, this can happen;
A true election by we the people, for the best person to be our next president,
Defend our constitution in the Supreme Court without the bigots damn consent.

Is it moral to destroy any who disagree with their sanctimonious doctrine?
Is it their divine right to rule and legislate morals in ministry of mycotoxin?
Leaving us in paralysis with severe muscle necrosis of the brain and thinking mind,
As they prepare for death of a nation that once was free of venomous crotaline.

Hillary is for the money, no matter what side she claims in this race.
The Federal Reserve is a reality she will welcome and interlace.
The planet and America take a back seat to her fortune and fame,
A woman fighting for our rights is where she needs to set her aim.

We stand to lose the license of reproduction, our children born in slavery,
In shackles to bruise their spirits if they sell our souls, to songs of bravery.
Our sons and daughters dying for their power, their wealth in gold.
America tethered to the privileged with their goals of class to mold.

Obama is a dream that is fading from our sight, oh so fast,
A real person as president to make the changes that will last.
We the people, need to see Mr. Wright as Judas of his own kind.
Who deposits in his Benedict Arnold Fund to kill the civil mind?

Hillary needs to back Obama, keeping checks in balance,
Congress, the House, and the Executive Branch in tri-valence.
On the precipice of the changing power of the unseen, all-seeing guards,
We need to prepare for the inauguration of one that holds all the cards.

Our president elect is enabled to negotiate,
Our Bill of Rights for all humanity to consociate.

This is my solution to the problem as seen through mine own paradigm,
There are no rose colored lenses to cover the truth, as it is now time;
We the people demand that our leaders possess honor and integrity,
Rights for all species across the planet as legacy of humanity.


Uncommon vocabulary in alpha order.

Consociate - transitive verb. : to bring into association.

intransitive verb. : to associate especially in fellowship or partnership.


Crotaline – noun

The Crotalinae, commonly known as pit vipers, crotaline snakes, or pit adders, are a subfamily of venomous vipers found in Asia and the Americas. 


Mycotoxin – noun

any toxic substance produced by a fungus.
Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain molds (fungi) and can be found in food.
Mycotoxins can cause a variety of adverse health effects and pose a serious health threat to both humans and livestock.

Necrosis - noun

The death of most or all of the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply.

Necrosis is a form of cell injury which results in the premature death of cells in living tissue by ... Debridement, referring to the removal of dead tissue by surgical or non-surgical means, is the standard therapy for necrosis.


Tri-valence - noun

 is - the degree of combining power of an element as ... goal the relative potency of the valences of success and failure— Leon Festinger.

Tri equals 3


The above article was written in 2008.  Before Obama showed his true colors as he was/is a member of the deep state.  This became obvious to me when he got all snug with Bush the second.  Now in hind sight, I think the first idea was the best, VOTE FOR NONE OF THE ABOVE, as Obama and Biden sold us out to China, along with all of our manufacturing jobs.  Obama, the Bidens and the Clintons made a fortune off our backs, and are much too greedy to buy our jobs back.  Obama did not keep even one promise he made during his campaign.  He's a lying sack of shit, just like all the rest of the politicians, Republican or Democrat.  He has politicized the DOJ, FBI, HLS, etc...for his own personal gain.  He was/is a socialist democrat, though he denied this his entire time in office.   All 8 years.  So now we are left with this fucking mess that he and Hillary have made of our country.  Trump has done all he can his first four years to straighten out our economy and get our manufacturing back.  Then come time for re-elect, Biden runs against him as democrat (which they are not really anymore) and Donald Trump as a Republican though he is fighting for the working middle class people not the filthy rich.  But Biden and the Democrats have cheated to the maximum, and I am hoping they will be prosecuted for treason and fraud.  It makes me think that was how Obama got elected too.  Despite all the bad press from Reverend Wright.  They bought the dominion software and programmed the machines to  flip the votes to Obama in both elections.  Bush Jr. actually initiated the black box voting machines when he had his run in with Al Gore.  I had my reservations about the electronic tabulator back when Bush wanted that installed for the next election, knowing full well that any 14 year old kid with half a brain, could hack into the software.  Not only that but it took the tabulation out of the public eye which is in violation of our Constitution.

As I'm fond of saying, there you have it, there it is, and so it goes...

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