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Ode to the Willow Tree
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You are the female rhythms in circles of my hearth.
You held the crimson serpent eggs of the Sun and Earth.
Your branches create my spiritual staff and lunar wand
you give to me peace with the energy divine in song.

Tree of enchantment who speaks with other world eloquence
your wisdom as grandmother absorbed through-out with elegance.
Your leaves shimmering in sun or moonlight
Reach toward water, giver of all life.

You protect my spirit and secrets from those who wish me ill
you preserve my history within your bark as is your will.
You are my teacher, mentor and confidant,
as I emulate you in times of detriment.

For like you, I can be bent but never broken
Like you, I find comfort in the words as spoken,
By the spiritual ancestors coming through in rhyme
As the Bards of Olde bespoke of fate throughout time.


Ode to the Willow Tree

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