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Self Esteem

by A Survivor of Incest

Self Esteem
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Sexually molested starting at the age of five
Enslaving her with painful memories to hold.
Literally bound and beaten; barely alive.
Forming her; as a hole to use and to mold.

Evangelists about their God given right
Sadistically they accuse her of the crime.
Torturing her spirit; for years day and night.
Executed her sentence to serve her time.
Empowered by the silence, the poison of shame.
Mendacious men of God left her close to insane



Author's Note:  My sexual, mental and emotional abuse as a child and into adulthood is not something I write about often. But my self worth and self esteem were stripped to a negative level by my abusers. After all, if I deserved it because I was born female and they male, then I paid for the crime and did my time, while enduring their God given right to use and degrade me. The silence of no one believing me or wanting to talk about it is what allowed it to happen, as it continues to happen to female children every minute of every day.

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