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Spirit Immortal

Spirit Immortal
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Like a conifer dropping my cones to seed my offspring,
I confer to advise my prodigy beneath the offering,
As they are perfect in their imperfections
I, their prefect as their loyal captain.

Our shape in ritual forms
After, since, from the source,
Birds, we are a fowl of a different feather
Moving with the flow of a drifting streamer.

Our minds, three as one, are fast like lightning
Ritual assuages our spirits’, its weight lightening
Separating ourselves, from the mundane we sever
Severe, austere; simple we keep it to remember

Each movement of our body an occidental
Unintentional but never accidental.
Unrelated, the conviction is Irrelevant
To the truth we can never be irreverent

We expose the superficial to reveal
Their indecent revel we then tell
Of their debauchery as corrupt and immoral
As they will not reach the plane of the immortal


Inspired by the following word bank rhyming contest:


Confer Conifer
Perfect – Prefect
Form – from
Fowl – flow
Reveal – Revel
Immoral – Immortal
Lightning - Lightening
Sever – severe
Accidental - Occidental
Irrelevant  -Irreverent

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