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Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
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Stating to the world and every immigrant who views this great statue
Truth, liberty and justice for all is its message and a dream come true.
Authored by Patrick Henry; the solemn words “Give me liberty or give me death!”
Total emancipation from persecution without unfair taxes as inept.
Unconditionally guaranteed by our constitution and bill of rights,
Eulogy of honor, integrity, valor as an icon, She glows in the night.

Often times She sees the hopes and dreams come to dock
Fidel in Her honor, She heeds not those words to mock.

Liberty and freedom for all of us is what echoes around the bay,
Intelligence, literacy, and justice for all, then and today.
Brought to us as a gift to heal any acrimony
Extraordinary in America, a dream of harmony.
Reaching up, She seditiously defies manacles of slavery,
Tyranny is not tolerated within Her sacred revelry.
Yesterday many lives were spent to guarantee our liberty.

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