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Druid Shaman - Seeker of Truth

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Druid Shaman - seeker of truth2
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A seeker of truth, myself I call
In Druidic and Shamanic halls.

Divided are my beliefs in threes
In practices and theologies;

A Bard as keeper of tradition
Sacredness of Wyrd, custodian.

An Ovate tribal native healer
Seer, conversing with my ancestors.

Druid director of ritual
To guide the rites of the spiritual.

Pantheon numbered at thirty-three
Tripled aspects are my deity.

Reincarnate with immortal soul
Return to Source above and below.

Keltoi virtues are my code of oath
Following the ancient path of old--

Honor; to do what I know is right,
Loyalty; true to mine own to fight.

Hospitality; kind and giving,
Honesty; truth from the beginning.

Justice; all have worth, deserve respect,
Courage; stand strong the weak I protect.

Divination through meditation
With birds and dream interpretation.

Sacred to me are the Celtic Tree
Of Life where the roots and branches meet,

Three curving brushwood, joined as triskele,
An Isle of Man ancient symbol.

Leafy wreaths with two staves vertical
And two pillars sloped identical

A third pillar is set between them
Balanced harmony with the Awen.

The first day of four months celebrates
Fire festivals which mark the dates.

Sabbots extol, bonfires  I build
To bless the last harvest in the field,

Samhain on the first of November
Ancestors and the dead, I honor. 

My New Years Day as the veil is thin
Between this, the Otherworld in

Reality I can penetrate
Manifest my will to mitigate.

Imbolc, the first of February
Eulogize all in fertility,

Marking the return of the life light
And the earth may then be tilled forthright.

Beltaine is on the first day of May
Blossoms peak in colorful display,

Animals giving birth to their young
Sweet love songs of hearts entwined are sung.

Lughnasad is August first to feast
Festivals for one harvest of three,

The God of Light is what it is named
To mark passage of the sacred flame.

Libations start at the setting sun
Come to close after three days are done.

Duly noted by Druid ancients
The longest day of summer solstice,

Litha Midsummer - June 21st
Marks marriage between the Sun and Earth.

The longest night ‘tis winter solstice
When the sun stands still within darkness.

December 21st marks Yule tide
To light the log, the flames dance alive.

Ostara the 21st of March
With the fresh spring equinox to start,

Fertile eggs within the young maiden
Night and day divided and even.

On September 21st again
Division equal, descent begins,

Autumn equinox Mabon delights
Two of three harvests in the sun’s light.

Druids see only six of the eight
Sabbats to rejoice and celebrate,

I observe all to commemorate
Eat, drink, be merry to venerate,

Adoration of Goddess Mother
Honor and esteem of God Father.


Celtic Poetry Form

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