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Dying Dreams

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Dying Dreams (G)
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Dreams Where I am Dying; Best I Ever Had

Dreams where I am dying are better than my dreams that are dead
Remembering they were murdered by the voices in my head-
Everyone around me saying how worthless I would always be
Actually their words became my unspoken and dark reality
Mesmerized by what I could see in the distant future
Sizzling deserts without a plant, an animal or water

Waking to find my soul was the aphorism that was dying
Hither to and fro; as their dream was to see mine denying
Everything I ever wanted to be real
Ripped my heart as they tried to steal
Each and every moment of peace

Intricately woven within my dreams

Antiquated by hours, days, weeks, months, then years
Madness they confuse with intelligence and the fears

Driven by darkness; forbidding the light to enter
Yelling in loud colors of hatred that was their center
In which they yielded a yarn of a life they could not break
Necromancy; the dead in the intense emotional wake
Greedy to take all that they could never possess

Because earning the right was not for them to profess.
Evening has fallen upon my brow and my life now
Sentimental nostalgia saddens my spirit, as I bow
Timidly before the ancient divinity of the earth

Inviting their presence to appear upon my hearth

Entering a reality that others label as mentally ill
Virtually everything that is unique they will kill
Entertaining fantasies of deviant thoughts
Rendering realities that are sold and bought

Happiness is being able to feel all you are and do
Anticipating the sadness and the joy in the few
Dead moments of dreams as I die to go home

An Acrostic inspired by Mad World performed by Gary Jules

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