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Forlorn Dragon Tears

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Forlorn Dragon Tears
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He was mean and dark
Or so the stories say,
But when I approached
To gather the tear that day
He knew my song
My scent to belong
And with a sadness
In his eyes
Dropped the tear
As I realized

That his darkness
Was caused from pain
Of having his life mate
Killed and slain
By the villagers cruelty
Taking life with contempt.
They brought her down
From the sky with ill intent.

She was pregnant with
Their first born and only son
About to deliver and
Flying heavily in motion
Returning home after
Failing to find food
While Drakken Draconus
Was away in pursuit
Of peace with the humans
Through the council
Of the Ancient, wise ones.

She hit the ground as the
Villagers brutally tore her a part
Until they had their fill for the sport
Then finally ripped out her heart.
When Draconus returned to
Find his mate and babe murdered
He swore vengeance for their death
As his roar reverberated and thundered
About the ravine that held his
Wealthy and jewel filled lair;

That the humans wanted to
Steal from him and declare
Themselves the keeper of the
Treasures of Gaea Earth.
Desiring to place them upon
The mantel of their own hearth.

Peace and unity with the
Humans would not come to be
As they were filled with
Hatred, envy and greed.
Draakken Draconus swore a vow
To find the murderers of his family
And would stop at nothing until
He was avenged in a war of litany.

I heard his dark voice
Speak to my mind in despair
As he described the death
I felt the depth to compare
This only to the most horrific
Of treachery, brought on by man,
And knew that the dragon would
Make his malevolent and final stand...

As he should

as any human would.


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