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Frozen, Icy, Shiny Mirrors

Frozen, Icy, Shiny Mirrors (g)
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Here I sit on the side lines
Watching thy lives
Pass me by...

We belong together.
No, it does not matter.
How hard they really try;
To keep us apart and why.

Ye two art my babies un-torn;
I, thy mommy forever more!

I miss ye so very much, each and every day.
As I watch them try, to take ye two away.

How are ye to feel hate,
for one who loves ye too?
How can he think that this,
he has a right to do?

Does he have no soul at all?
Or just an ego ten feet tall?

I am forced to the sidelines; of thy young lives.
As I watch him selfishly, destroy self worth and pride.

My Spirit he tried so hard to break.
But I could not,
Would not, succumb to his fate.

The price I now pay,
Keeping wrath at bay;
Is the warmth and presence--
We give freely as presents.
The love and bond we share…
He will never see as fair.

His ignorance makes me sick;
For ‘tis self inflicted.
He chooses not to see,
The pain he gives in conflict.

Oh Yes! He has hurt me beyond reason and repair!
As my spirit gets pushed into storms of despair!

That are as deep as the ocean blue,
And as dark as the abyss ‘tis true.

He has NO right,
Nor has he cause;
To keep us without light,
For cold, empty laws.

My heart‘s joy cannot be, taken away from me!
When ‘tis the only reason, that of death I am yet free.

But ye see….

If I give into his little game,
Surrender my fight; lay lame.
He will go in for the kill!
Like I am his next meal…

For sadness is how he feeds…
Our energy he finds he needs.
A vampire of souls--
Sucking us dry;
To blow in the wind,
We no longer cry!

If I let him win,
Madness will begin.

He will maniacally laugh!
As he breaks my sacred staff!
And his eyes will hold hell.
Like an endless chaotic well.

His Lord is of Darkness and ruin!
He craves their mating and reunion.
Insatiable is his thirst and appetite,
Destroyer – Abomination; day and night.

His shallow heart and empty mind;
Are perfect for darkness to find!
A place to multiply in gross amounts.

  No! I WILL not accept this! Get OUT!

          Go back to thy stinking bowels!
          Back to the foulness ye came from!
          Go back to thy screaming pit!
          For here ye are DONE!

          As within – so without!
          Grotesqueness will surmount!

          So all know ye by this sight!
          This I release into the night!

          Ye shall be the hunted of three;
          No rest will ye have or ever be free.

          These words with energy I steer
          In frozen, icy, shiny mirrors

          I chain ye to eternity
          Ye will NOT bring harm to me!


Here I sit on the side lines
Watching thy lives
Pass me by...



Author's Note: In the midst of a custody battle with my ex husband that I have lost round one in due to him having an attorney when I did not, I now continue the battle with my own attorney; while he has none. He tells my children to hate me for my spiritual beliefs, because his God teaches love. And so it goes... 

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