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Hallows Eve – Samhain

Hallows Eve ~ Samhain (g)
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Happy Hallows Eve-Trick or treat?
Or ‘tis it a joyous Samhain?
Most sacred Sabbat of the eight
To us of the Keltoi line
‘Tis a day in common time
To honor the Crone
As has been shown…
To guide those who have passed
Into the blue of light, as we fast
Giving nourishment for the soul
For their journey is to know
The delight of the misty islands
As they seek the summer lands…
‘Tis also the Season of the Stag-
To give his life to the land
The hunter; the hunted as he treads
His seed he plants and as he spreads…
His blood for the next Mabon
Sacrificed, reborn in song
Again the Green Man, Fertile God of Pan…
The Goddess is Maiden, As Sacred Bards lay pen
For her finite cycle to sustain
All life as Mother she has lain
Abundancy shall be the way to keep
The sacred wyrd runs soul deep…
The wheel familiar as well the dryad
drawing the quarters while sky clad!
May ye walk and learn to live
In love unconditionally give…
In the blue of the sacred light
On this Blessed Samhain night!

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