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I dare you to hit me again…

I Dare You to Hit Me Again (g)
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So I have a legal reason
To kill you without regret.
The time is of the season
And your due paid and met.

You’ve struck me with words
With insults, now with your fists
So now it’s time for the all but absurd
From your chest, I will rip

Your heart with my bare hands
Do not even try to demand
What I will do; or how I will do it
You just met your match and lit

Upon a force to be reckoned with
Now we will see justice prevail
Not an old wife’s tale or myth
Just your reward for all the hell

You have showered upon another’s soul
Over and over again, above and below.
The reaper has come to call, and it will be done
What you have done returned ten fold in full sum.

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