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Nuimn (g)
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I am a magician from the lands of Ireland
Where the ash tree is sacred in elegance it stands.
It courts and catches the flash of lightening to be
Enchanted of the dryad is this holy tree.

Celtic origins are of the Land Undersea
With Tethys as the God of its magickal leaf.
From its strong branches, I fashion my spears and wands.
As did Gwydion the Celtic God of Avalon.

Deciduous tree with grey-brown bark
Furrowed with diamond patterns to spark
Reverence in all who have seen its power of deep light
As tree of the universe it’s the trilogy of life.

The Oak tree as is the Hawthorn tree be its lifelong mates
In the circles of continual rebirth consummates
Of the inner and outer worlds which I name here
Are Abred, Gynedd and Ceugant, as I hold it dear.

Past, present and the future or if you wish to know
Confusion, Balance and Creative force to bestow,
Upon my soul as weaver of magick amongst the trees
Speaking all invocations of rhyming verses in threes.

I am a magician of the Ogham Cosmic Ash
This is the world tree of wisdom with much panache
Having the flair, style and elegance
Elaborate this tree of circumstance.

Inspired by The Ash Tree



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