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Prophetic Dreamer

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Prophetic Dreamer
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Possibilities are endless, but the probabilities few;
Ringing through dead trees in a forest of nursery rhymes to view.
Opportunities are windows that will slam shut before defeat,
Perchance they will be seen before it is too late to retreat.
Heaven holds no power; it never did, as it does not exist,
Except in the monkey minds of men that wish it into subsistence.
Taking the lives of all that resist as their greed spews forth the lies,
Internally they combust as the almighty dollar it buys
Complete forgiveness for the abomination to the life force.

Defecating on holy ground and twisting the truth for time
Regurgitating their gluttony within their spawns of mime.
Ensuring that humanity will inherit all their karmic debt
Aiming for the golden crown, they believe absolution has been met.
Mornings and nights that hold no sun will soon come to pass without an end
Effortlessly Homo sapiens will be devoid all they pretend
Rhetoric may acquire much gold, but none shall survive the cleansing
Set in motion by our Mother Earth as She decides what is ceasing.

Author's Note:

This is only one path I have glimpsed in the very near future if we continue on our path of destruction that we are obsessed and consumed by at the present time.

If this planet loses its ability to rejuvenate and produce life force, it will take many millennia for the true indigenous species to recover and heal Her once more.

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