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Return to Innocence
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I have often wondered how I
Could possibly make a difference
In the fortitude of the many lies
That listens not, to truth of consequence.

So I thought I would put to paper with pen
My thoughts on how our chosen life begins.

"Don't be too proud to be strong"
Say the words of the song,
"Don't care what people say,
Follow your heart in your own way."

Return to innocence and believe in your self,
Not in despair, placing innocence on a shelf.
Believing in love does not make you weak,
Love of the Self makes it possible to keep

Respect for all life and love for humanity.
First and foremost release the pain of reality.
As the rain cleanses the air and the earth,
So it brings forth life, growth and rebirth.

So do your own tears cleanse your crying soul.
For life is a gift that you have come to know.
As hope springs forth to guide you with light,
Find peace within first, before you take flight.

To bring love and peace without
By whispering or with a shout,
Your love of Self and all humanity
Is a force present to balance polarity.

Believe in you; believe in innocence.
Acceptance of Self is the first essence
To help you and others in despair and pain,
Returning to innocence with your spirit's rain.

Your tears will cleanse as they are meant to do
Forgiving Self by believing the miracle is you.



Author's Note:  I dedicate this poem to all the lonely, the homeless, the abused, the confused, the abandoned children of our earth. The Youth of our Future and the future leaders of our species. Life really is a miracle. Unconditional love really does exist. The universe as it is, will always unfold as it must. Because you have the gift of life, you are wonderful and extraordinary in our dimension, no matter what others voice in their jaded paradigm. Believe in you and keep or return to your divine gift of innocence.

This poem was inspired while I was listening to and singing along with "Return to Innocence" by Enigma from their CD, "Cross of Change". My thoughts also brought to mind my dear friend and spiritual sister PyperRain. As she loves the rain, so do I love her. She was once an unwanted child and today is a councilor in her community to offer those who need and deserve a helping hand to make it through the obstacles that can become the opportunities life gives to us all. She understands that everyone deserves to be needed. Everyone deserves to be loved. And everyone deserves to be helped in a time of crisis. She loves the rain.

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