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True Love
True Love
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  Not just the attraction;
Loyalty in devotion …

True love is not the tender kiss,
Shared by lovers in the mist.
The passion is only the spark
Lighting both fires in the dark.

Love is feeling the pain of a thousand tears,
Having the audacity to survive the years.
When the one you love needs you the most
Having the courage to cry and face their ghosts.

Intensely showing your own bare soul
Affectionately accepting them as your hero.
Realizing the profound depth of their will
Having enough fortitude to hold them still.

Regarding their ideas and thoughts with respect
Exalting in their dreams, admiring their intellect.
Accepting them for who and what they are
Close to your heart as your shining star.

Loving unconditionally enough to give your life
And having the backbone to live vigorously alive.
Nurturing their soul with sincere valor
Without deciding who possesses the other.

Love is giving of one's self completely
Loving of one's self just as unselfishly.
Two paths that cross are a parallel in time
As the spirits of two may only entwine …

When both give from the very depths of their soul
Matching their passion with integrity to know,
Honor their first priority no matter the place
For love gives no one a second chance of fates.

Not just the attraction;
Loyalty in devotion ...

True Love … 

"There's once in a lifetime and once in a while, and the difference between them is a million miles."

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