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when the rich wage war, it is the poor who die

When the Rich Wage War
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when the rich wage war, it is the poor who die
overflowing their bank accounts as they lie
hiding behind niceties as they make us slaves
wars made to control us, which they create and crave

when will we learn that segregation is to take?
not just our lives, homes and human rights are at stake
but our very souls as they bury the light within
greedy addiction their only means to a dead end

creating the armageddon to prove true false prophets
we bought into their “good book” as right and philosophic
it is easier to place our sins under another’s blame
accept forgiveness, as we turn inconceivably insane

society claiming no responsibility for their actions
defying the laws of decency in self-righteous reactions.
absolution is not possible in our religious fervor
we despise ourselves internally as sheep and follower.

jesus might forgive our sins, and that a slim chance.
will those we torture and persecute join this happy dance?
nothing will become nothing and so it shall return to be
that we are insignificant as human species.

when the rich wage war, it is the poor who die
without the poor the rich cannot feed their lie.
no one is left to support their arrogant farce
destroying planet earth, corruption on the march

slavery, pride, taking of life (any life), lying and cheating,
coveting the jones’ wife or boat or house, abusive wife beating
in the name of their god that is not balanced in polarity
is the way to chaos and darkness in the laws of scarcity.

believing that your actions are not your own
belong to a  horrendous force, the cyclone
thinking that you are above judgment of deeds
is foolish, arrogant, capitulates and concedes

to empty spaces in heart and mind
for darkness to dwell within and find
a breeding ground for despair and pain
chained to the physical you remain.

when the rich wage war, it is the poor who die
without the poor, the rich cannot feed their lie.

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