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Spirit Dragon Am I

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Spirit Dragon Am I
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Splendid are the colors of the rainbow that are One with spirituality,
Parallel yet perpendicular in transit, forward or reverse respectively.
Inspiration is thine own Earth, of which I find to be a perfect blue-green jewel,
Rendering as I must that Homo sapiens have forgotten the very first rule.
Intelligently decide wasted life is not tolerated by thee of another species blood.
Titans of Old will visit thy karma with only sorrow when life ‘tis shed upon Earth in flood …

Directions are innate as we care for Gaea in our own galaxy,
Regardless of where ye start, where ye end, or where thee think ye need to be.
Anticipate that the highest law is set forth by our Mother the Earth;
Goddess and God blessed as are the Dragons of Elements at birth.
Octagon portals are where ye will find the roads to the many given paths,
Nocturnal as well a sun lover in the fourth dimension as the learned craft.

Antiquated are the Wyrds that lead the way into the spiral of rebirth in the blue of light,
Mundanely ye must seek to resuscitate our vitality from those who wish Earth harm in blight.

I relay wisdom to thee from Spiritual Dragon included elements of four, in rainbow rays allure.

Author's Note:  The Dragon of Spirit is Aurabores in the pen below

which is whom I was inspired by to write about for this contest.

Spectrum of Colors Sew, Dragon Spirit Rainbows.
Orange Fired Scrolls - Thy Wyrd, As Red as the Double-edged Sword.
Arrow is Yellow for Intent, The Forest Green She Invents.
Oak Tree Leaves, In the Breeze.
Contrasts Baby Blue Sky, Answering Questions Why.


In Deep Indigo, Magick Runes Show.
For Scarlet are Her Eyes, Rose in color when She cries.
Surprise brings a Gentle Peach,With Golden Green together Reach.
To see Thee through Turquoise, Flight Perfect is She in Poise.


The icy strong, Crystal Energy, Thy Song.
Magnetically charged, Awareness at large.
Druidic Murals, Beyond the whistle.
Wings vibrate fires, Waters of many desires.
Cauldrons nurture, Children’s futures.
So we Craft our next place, In our volatile race.
Between Time, And tomorrows climb.

So Sings the Songs
The Dragon of Spirit

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