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In space of time between awake and sleep
        …thoughts with these visions unto me did creep
                  I start to see this world in a different light
                            When the darkness will not leave and I cannot see right

Through which filter doth thou see?
        The one of the jealous He?
                  Or is it of the Trinity
                            Balancing the He and the She?

What is it that thee truly
        Wish thine own children to be
                  Like those that try to dictate what ye should dream
                            In so doing chooses sides instead of teams

Do ye wish for them righteous self contempt?
        Or proud of self at their innermost depths?
                  A shell easily broken by the soul of another
                            and battered mentally by the sin and guilt of others?

Or would ye have that they be in love with life?
        Sure of themselves; walking with positive strife
                  Without the shame
                            No one to blame

But as their own an inner sanctum
        Director of their own pendulum
                  Would that they know their own growth
                            From their mind through to their soul

A warrior from head to the base of their spine
        Or quiver to their knees fearing the malign?
                  Would ye not that they know energy as Light
                            Flowing into, through, out again day and night?

Which is the Witch that thee
Will thy children to be?

Do we
        Shall we
                  Are we
                            And leaving them the Legacy
                  Of laughter joy and the surprise?
Do we
        Shall we
                  Are we
                            Giving to them the esctasy
                  the ability to surmise?

Which is the Witch that thee
Will thy children to be?

The length of the Journey ‘tis endless without light
        A hell as the Christians speak about with such fright
                  The only Sin being unaware
                            Falling prey to the spiders lair

Too afraid to deny
        That which is but a lie
                  The atrocity that is to be
                            If not for the life force within thee

May the darkness find thee NOT
        Children of OZ
                  Let the light be what thee sought
                            Thou art the cause

Seek the Principals of Revolution
Natural Laws of Continuation

Find thy spirit and release
        thyself into thine own might
                  Teach with empathy and warmth
                            from and of thy inner sight

As Ye listen all the way
        To hear voices of thy fate
                  The portal closes again
                            These thoughts with ye shall remain

Through space and time it sends
        Perception to thee lends
                  A warning ye must try to absorb
                            The Significance ye shall not ignore

For which is the Witch are ye?
        And the Witch ye want to be?
                  And which is the witch that thee
                            Want thine own children to be?

"Leader! Shall we slay the dragon that lies within, or kill the beast that feeds on dreams?"



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