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Through the Mist
Through the Mist
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I try so very hard to find
Justified reasons in my mind

For the way our life has gone
And why we have set foot upon

This winding path of due
Our own answers are too few.

If I had chose
The path of gold

Refined and placid in my greed
Would I still find this road so steep?

If I had decided to comply
Believed their dogma, not asked why

Would my life be pretty and calm?
Would my heart be filled with song?

Sometimes I wonder why
I must continue to try

When the weight of the world is mine own
On this trail my spirit travels alone

I feel so beaten and defeated at times
Trials by fire, no rhythm nor rhyme

How long will it take for them to see?
How am I to change this chaotic dream?

Only the ripple can I affect
The wave is born hereto with respect

Would it be a life of bliss?
If I had chose not to see through the mist?

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