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The Structure of the Architect

The Structure of the Architect
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I thought I gave her the foundation of strength

to grow and learn, taking the entire length

of what it takes to be a humane human on this plane

but in return receive the manifestation of pain.


Her frame constructed of elemental values

based on principles of natural law avenues

Do not steal, do not litter, nor should you lie

was what I taught her by example and why.


Today I find she lied to me again

and doesn't care about the hurt she sends

to me as my heart breaks in two

because baby “I do love you!”


Her trusses and roof I placed with care

of my love, my soul and all that's fair

fitting each piece quite snug, very sound

only to find she won't come around.


To finish her off I gave her style and grace

proud to make an addition to the human race,

teaching her that beauty was more than skin deep

yet somehow the poison of life began to seep..


into her soul as she drifted farther away

from the structure of the architect as today

she severed another supporting beam

that held me together without a seam.

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