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You Know NOT What You Say
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You Know NOT What You Say


Witches are not at all, what the Nazis represent
Our beliefs are opposite of genocide intent.
We accept all for who they are in action
We abstain from their claimed Sunday religion.

We do not judge them for the color of their skin.
Nor what kind or how big of a house they live in.

Only two religions of the world are full of bigotry of the Third Reich
The Muslims in Arab countries and Christianity in their extreme right.

Witches do not destroy, but preserve and create
Working the magickal, our love we satiate.
The Goddess and the God have given a gift of love
We do not take from others nor do we push and shove.

We do not desire to control
We only wish the real truth to know.
We do not seek power and money
We nurture our Earth in harmony.

All life forms are sacred to those of the Keltoi nation
Paganism is not a religion but a spiritual path in motion.
A chosen trail that reveres the life force.
And what creates it as a sacred source.

Balance must be kept and maintained with tenacity
Between mercy and severity of humanity.
The Kabala is an example of the path we take
The Shaman is in the communing wake.

Existence in all of Her spirit forms that we know.
Surrounding ourselves in the blue of light as it flows
We are the Protectors, Knights, and Dragons of Truth
The physical does not concern us in death or birth.

We cannot deceive others as to what we do or why
As after crossing the threshold, we can no longer lie.

We do not believe another is responsible for all we do
We take credit for our thoughts and deeds in the light of blue.
We do not pretend we are forgiven our actions
As we seek no absolution for our infractions.

For within our heart and soul we know
That what we do comes to us three fold.
We live the laws of abundance, not selfish in our creed
Bringing harm to none we live to follow our sacred rede.

Giving all we have, so there is enough for all.
Unlike the Christians as through their life they crawl
In the laws of Scarcity destroying all upon their path
Claiming sainthood to their God’s unspoken wrath.

That Jesus grants to them absolution as they are so right,
Reality bespeaks there is no end to their darkness in sight.

From patriarchal society, we seek no validation
Nor do we practice any self-righteous condemnation. 
For we believe all humans know deep within
Right from wrong as their life is what they live.

Opposites of magick we refer to as light and dark
Without the night, there would not be an ember’s spark.
We respect the reality of stability
As on Earth in grace, we dance lightly.

We do not label that which we do not understand
We do not expect the cosmos to bow to our demands.
We know that the universe must unfold, as it must,
Drumming to its own beat of natural laws in trust.

The magick of the elements is being in tune
Using keys to unlock the secrets of the moon.
Opening portals of the elementals essence,
Whence we partake of the sacred silence.

Communicating at a frequency of the elemental,
Poised with equilibrium, partake in the communal
If clumsy in our timing as we weave the loom
We will shatter as glass like the ice from a spoon. 

“An ye harm none, do as thou wilt!” is what we live by
The Rede of Three as unconditional love we give a try.
To compare us to the Nazis is to not know what you say
For those who do this, know not what we are in any way.

Inspired by:
“To equate witches with Nazis because neither are Judeo-Christians and both share magical elements is like saying that swans are really scorpions because neither are horses and both have tails.”

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