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Wisdom of Shadows
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An epiphany came to me
of why I was born a human to be
A humane human; the very definition
of Humanity!

Though another may violate
sacred places within me,
For they accept their paradigm
of time,
their frame of mind
as reality.

My lessons are to teach and learn
love and forgiveness; unconditionally.
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
the very definition of humanity;
humane humans in humility.

It’s up to ‘self’ to decide
if I wish to carry hate inside.
As I do not – I let it go
since that time, have come to know…

That the wisdom of poetic justice,
serenity; and loving all of earth’s species
is the greatest gift I/we have been given
and love and forgiveness
are the greatest gifts
we can share while livin’

On this plane of earthly desires
Passion of my quest passes on the fires
of divinity
in the complete simplicity
of humanity….


Wisdom of Shadows

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