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Adsaige ~ Vampire!

Adsaige - Vampire
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Although you are a parasite and not worthy of the air that you breath
DragonBlue wishes negotiation to bring peace instead of death in siege.

Seditiously I defy your destruction of the homo-sapiens and their kin
Antagonist you are in and out of darkness bringing eternal hell to begin

Internal bleeding of every life you decide to take.
Greedy your consumption of energy as contingency you shake.

Entire cities are in mortal fear of your self-proclaimed royal sovereignty.

Victory is mine with fire, poison fangs, and claws of steel, if you decide to see

Advantages are mine own in battle with spiritual magick in flight.
Martyr you will never be as no one loves a blood hungry rite.

Perhaps you will agree to surrender before we clash until the end,
Incongruent actions towards me will bring nothing you can defend.

Ricocheting off rings of blue fire that is a force field surrounding my vestige
Effortlessly my essence will destroy you where you lurk in shadows under the bridge.



Brazos, THE KING OF THE LYCANS brings the Wolf Mancini and DragonBlue together as allies in the conflict with Prince Lestat and Adsaige his self-proclaimed Queen of Blood. DragonBlue will battle and defeat the Queen for she is prepared to use magick, swirling rhyming words that take and give what is given by the parasite of humans.

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